Ear surgery

The size, shape and position of the ears can be changed if you for some reason are not satisfied with what nature bestowed. Instead of losing faith in your appeal, hiding ears under hats and headscarves, enduring taunts about protruding ears, it is better to weigh the possibility of carrying out ear surgery. Ear surgery is one of the simplest plastic surgery that can be done starting from 6 years of age.

In the course of plastic surgery under local anesthesia, the ears are given the desired shape by making the incision behind the ear, so that the scar was imperceptible. The operation lasts 1-1.5 hours; for children – under general anesthesia, for adults – under local anesthesia. You can go home already on the day of the operation.

After surgery it is necessary to wear special elastic bandage around the head and ears for a week. Optimal results after the operation will be visible in a month.

The effect persists throughout life.