Dr.Kaspars Feldmanis

Plastic Surgeon Dr.Kaspars Feldmanis is a professional with over 20 years of experience. Practiced in Swedish, US and German clinics. Dr. Feldmanis insists on the latest and most advanced achievements in plastic surgery, participates in international forums for plastic surgeons – reports and shares experience with professionals in the field.

Plastic surgery resembles virtuosic art, the secret of which lies in the skillful combination of professionalism, experience and talent.

Nowadays, with the appearance of being associated with luck, recognition and even standing in the community, plastic surgery is becoming more and more in demand. We are intrigued and fascinated by the opportunity to transform, re-invent and re-create the appearance of time traces left by the passage of time.

Plastic surgery has broken the taboo that has long defined the body as an inviolable whole – now it has gained the freedom to transform the body according to each individual’s desires…

It is no longer just a celebrity or the mighty privilege of this world – the opportunity to pay off has made plastic surgery accessible to everyone.