Dr. Feldman’s Private Clinic

8 Dzīparu Street, Dreilini, Stopiņi Municipality, LV 2130
Phone:  +371 2000 4707
E-mail: klinika@drfeldmanis.lv
Facebook: @DrFeldmanaPlastiskasKirurgijasKlinika

Persons with functional disabilities should make an appointment with a physician to make a telephone call for assistance. We recommend that you visit with a companion. The clinic building does not meet regulatory requirements but may be escorted into the building with the assistance of a companion or clinic staff. Doors and other passageways shall be of appropriate width. The only toilet door apertures are not of the appropriate width. The toilet can only be visited with the attendant or with the help of the clinic staff. The building consists of two floors without elevator. Consultations and minor manipulations are performed on the first floor of the clinic and operations on the second floor. If needed, the clinic staff will provide assistance with access to the second floor. The closest institution to health care services for people with functional disabilities is the hospital “Gaiļezers”, located at 2 Hippocrates Street in Riga.

Company name: SIA ”Kefiss”, Dr.Feldman’s Private Clinic
Registration number: VAT reg.NR.LV 40003811605

Bank: A / S Citadele banka
Code: PARXLV22
Account: LV45PARX0012478460005

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