3D method of liposuction

If there is excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, shins, ankles or abdomen, liposuction is one of the most common surgical techniques to improve body shape and appearance. Liposuction is a very popular method, but it is constantly evolving and each improvement has its advantages and disadvantages. However, an optimal method has now been found that is radically different from conventional liposuction. Dr. Feldman’s Private Clinic offers a state-of-the-art body repair method – liposuction with the world’s latest 3D technology, EVA sp® 6. It guarantees safe, painless, immediate results without general anesthesia.

How does the 3D method work?

Any liposuction procedure consists of two parts: the first is the liposuction by injection of a specially prepared solution into the subcutaneous fat and the second the liposuction.

The usual method is for the surgeon to perform a procedure using a special instrument called the cannula, guiding it through the fatty tissue by force. For a surgeon, this is a rather arduous job, while for a patient, it is a traumatic procedure because the cannula ruptures tissues and causes bruising and a longer rehabilitation period.

The new 3D method is distinguished by the fact that the cannula is fixed in a special handle that causes the cannula to move simultaneously in three dimensions – rotation, vibration and penetration of the cannula. All movements occur simultaneously with high frequency and small amplitude. This allows the surgeon to move the cannula in the required direction while holding the handle lightly. This makes the procedure easy for both the patient and the surgeon, because the cannula glides easily over the adipose tissue with minimal trauma.

Infiltration cannulas vary in length and are selected by the surgeon as needed. First, saline fluid, sodium bicarbonate, adrenaline, lidocaine are administered through the infiltration cannula to dissolve the fat cells and anesthetize the area. This is done based on the age of the patient, the approximate pain threshold, the weight and the amount of fat to be absorbed. Once all of the required fat area has been liquefied, it begins to be suctioned from where it was first injected. Usually, the surgeon starts with larger cannulas, sucking in a large amount of fat, and then proceeds with smaller ones, such as grinding, finer suction to maximize the aesthetic effect of the procedure. The pivot point through which the cannula is inserted is not carried so that excess fluid can escape from the body. Usually after a week the incision site has healed.

If there are many problem areas – arms, abdomen, sides, thighs, buttocks, the order in which the liposuction is performed will be assessed individually by the surgeon. In such cases, the procedure is usually carried out in two stages. Two, three weeks after the first surgery, you can already do the next.

Advantages of the method

3D has several advantages over other liposuction methods. One of the most important is that this method is low traumatic, so the rehabilitation time is much shorter and the patient can return to his or her normal rhythm of life faster. The classic liposuction technique has large bruises, the patient has greater post-operative pain, and thus longer rehabilitation time. With the 3D method, bruises are much less, pain is less and rehabilitation is faster.

Another plus is the handle with the cannula attached, which emits infrared tissue into the adipose tissue. Because of its effect on adipose tissue, the endorphin of happiness is released, which produces a tickling sensation, which is why the procedure is called TICKLE LIPO in the US.

All these prerequisites ensure that full anesthesia is not required. Thus, the method is suitable for people who, for whatever reason, have full anesthesia contraindicated. This method will be useful if the person is simply afraid of anesthesia, afraid to fall asleep.

The absence of full anesthesia facilitates the procedure and allows the patient to turn sideways, lifting the arm or leg. After the procedure, the patient is rested in the ward and can go home later.

When and when will the method work?

Before the procedure, the patient is examined and, if the state of health is appropriate, there is no restriction on the procedure. It is important that a person does not have severe heart or blood clotting problems or an allergy to lidocaine, an anesthetic that is used for local anesthesia.

The itching sensation during the procedure is, of course, considered to be an advantage of the method, but each patient perceives it differently – some have pleasant feelings and the procedure goes on laughing, some are indifferent and even asleep, while others experience discomfort. However, there have been no cases when a patient has failed the procedure.

This procedure, as possibly the best method, could be recommended to a woman with a high fat in the abdomen. Why? An operation such as plastic surgery would be a major surgical intervention for general anesthesia followed by a long period of rehabilitation. The 3D liposuction method, on the other hand, is an alternative that, in addition to the benefits already mentioned, will improve a woman’s quality of life in a much shorter time.

When a young person comes to the surgeon with the desire to suck fat off, the doctor and patient first talk about how to solve the problem of obesity in a natural way – through sports activities and a healthy diet. However, there are times when you have a vicious circle – being overweight is so restrictive that you are unable to move and your weight is only increasing. In such a situation, liposuction may be an incentive for future activities.

Complications? Minimal!

With this method, the complications could be the same as with any other liposuction method, but they are much less likely. There are virtually no hematomas or bruises that should be punctured, there is much less bruising, and there is less post-operative pain. Because the method is more gentle on connective tissue, the ability to shrink is much better, especially if the patient is less than 40 years old.

Small subcutaneous sensory nerves are injured during the procedure, but they recover over time.

The indicators on the 3D liposuction device display allow to dose up to one milliliter of fluid injected in each area. So, the wrong dose is impossible. In turn, a special safety system blocks the cannula and stops the procedure if the cannula hits a denser substance than adipose tissue, such as muscles or ribs.

As lymphatic drainage usually occurs after this procedure, lymphatic drainage should be performed approximately 2-3 weeks after the operation, which promotes lymphatic drainage, improves skin elasticity and prevents roughness.

Special clothing

Immediately after the procedure, the patient is put on a special compression garment adapted to each part of the body where liposuction is possible – chin, neck, upper arms, etc. -, and provides faster healing of the injured area. After using the 3D method, you should wear it for 1-2 days day and night, and then for 1-2 weeks only during the day.

Myths and truth

Fat cells are often heard to regenerate. Myth! The amount of fat cells is fixed and can either expand or shrink during life. It depends on each person’s genetics, lifestyle and metabolism. When the fat is removed, these cells are no longer in the body and do not regenerate in the same place. But! Without a healthy lifestyle and lack of physical activity, existing fat cells can grow in a completely different place. If sucked in the abdomen, it expands, for example, to hands that have not been liposuctioned.

Of course, liposuction does not solve all problems at once. It is merely an improvement in body shape. Ideally, therefore, you should come to this procedure after half a year of active sports and healthy eating, but remaining areas that are difficult to subject to slimming – the belly around the navel, the side, and the inside of the thighs.


* After liposuction, heat treatments (hot baths or baths) that can cause bleeding are not recommended.

* It is not recommended to take fermented drinks (beer, wine, champagne).

* If healed well, you can gradually start exercising as early as two weeks after surgery.

* It is desirable to start a new lifestyle that includes both a healthy diet and physical activity.

* We recommend to visit lymphatic drainage and vacuum massage procedures two weeks after the operation.